January 4, 2008

A Sneak Peek

This coming Sunday I have my first Hostess Club meeting of the year. After I made the purse yesterday I knew my ladies would love making these, so I came up with a few projects around a purse. Over the next few days you'll see the wallet and bag of chocolate that is going to go inside of this bag. I also have a card and another project in the works.

I am running so far behind today. We are having major plumbing issues. When it rains it pours and I'm just glad it's not pouring water inside of my house. First our sump pump went out and then our kitchen faucet broke. I'm holed up in the basement while Roger works on the sink right now. I have to say I feel blessed because my neighbors were out of town over the last few days. I saw them come home today and all afternoon there was a fire and water damage emergency truck over at their house. When I finished with my doctor's appointment there were three of those trucks there. I sure hope their sump pump didn't go out while they were on vacation. Tomorrow I'll have to head on over and see if they need anything. What a welcome home.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Tomorrow I am finishing up Hostess Club projects and relaxing.

Yesterday Karen asked me how I like the Tabletop Cutter from Stampin' Up!. I honestly love it. I had a small learning curve, basically it was me forgetting to push down the finger guard bar to hold my paper in place. It cuts beautifully and I can cut at least two sheets of cardstock at a time. It honestly makes prepping for classes so much easier. I do have the small portable Fiskars cutter from Stampin' Up! and I have to get a new one. I have used mine for 1 year and prepped for all of my workshops and classes with it. Over time the plastic bar has loosened and it doesn't cut as straight anymore. Plus I was going through a million blades. I had a Fiskars Rotary cutter that my mom bought me about 4 years ago that I loved, but again I was going through blade after blade. One day a spring snapped and I could now longer push the blade down to cut. I love that the Tabletop cutter has a self sharpening blade and I'll never have to replace it. I was worried about it with the kids around, but the blade is actually not directly on the handle from what I can tell. I rubbed my finger across the handle part and didn't cut it. I have trained my kids to never touch anything on my table and they are pretty good about it. But they know to never touch my paper cutters or scissors if they are within reach, but I try to put them up each time I use them to avoid accidents.


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Angie Tieman said...

Super cute project! Love how you did the handles with the round tab punch and added the stitching! And I know what you mean about plumbing...it seems to be the one constant issue in our house that causes us problems! ugh! GOod luck with yours!