January 3, 2008

Let's Go TP! Part II

You've let your stamp with the dampened Toilet paper sit overnight to dry, so now it's time to move on to the second part of the tutorial. You can see that the paper is dry and you no longer see the color of the rubber through the paper. It will have also loosened from the stamp so you can lift it right off with no ripping or tearing of the paper.

I have experimented with coloring in the image with Stampin' Pastels, Blender pens and ink refills and the AquaPainter. The only result that seems to work is the Stampin' Pastels chalk. Just take your applicator and dab, don't rub or the papers will pile and tear, the color onto the cast toilet paper. I didn't take step by step photos of my coloring but I'm sure you can figure it out.

Here is my image fully colored in with Stampin' Pastels. You can finish your card off at this point or you can take your Versamark pad and dab it on top of your image. I like to set my Stampin' Pastels so that they won't rub off when the card is handled or is placed in an envelope. After I dab on my Versamark I pour Crystal Clear embossing powder on the image and Heat Emboss it. Now when you are heat embossing you have to be very patient and not burn the toilet paper. Once it is heat embossed you will notice that your colors are much more vibrant.

I have only attempted to trim my toilet paper cast image with my Stampin' Up! Table Top cutter. It cuts it neatly without tearing the image. You can try the Fiskars slide cutter or a rotary cutter, but be careful in your experiments because the paper can shred easily.

Here is my image cut, matted and with a brad added to the center of the flower. I like to add brads to make sure that all layers of the toilet paper are going to stay together and on the card when it is handled. I simply take my Paper piercer and use it to punch through all of the layers with the black part of my mat pack under my image. You can easily put a brad through a hole punched with the paper piercer. This way you aren't limited to where your 1/16" hole punch will reach on your image either.

Here is what my card looks like completely finished and embellished. There are endless possibilities to this technique and I hope you have fun experimenting with it on your own.

This is the original card I made using the toilet paper technique.


Angie Tieman said...

Awesome tutorial, thanks for sharing it!! I love these cards and am definitely going to try it! THe perfect supply item, TP is something I always have plenty of!

Tara said...

wow...that is sooo cool! What a unique thing to try...thanks for the tutorial! :)

Monika/Buzsy said...

Great tutorial! Makes me want to try this techinque right-away! TFS! Love the colors and the images you used!

Heather P. said...

Great tutorial!