January 2, 2008

Let's Go TP! Part I

A few weeks ago I told you I would show you how to use Toilet Paper in your paper crafting room. You can see the original card I made here. Today I will show you Part I of this two step process. To complete this you need a rubber stamp, 8 squares of single ply toilet paper, and an AquaPainter or Watercolor brush and water.

Step 1: Take your stamp and place it rubber side up on your table.

Step 2: Taking one square of Toilet Paper at a time use your AquaPainter to wet down the toilet paper. I find that it goes quicker if you wet the AquaPainter down with some extra water in a glass. Repeat for all 8 layers.

Step 3: After you finish all 8 layers your toilet paper cast will look like this. You will now need to leave your stamp and paper as is overnight or until it is completely dry. You may be tempted to dry it with a hair dryer or Heat Gun, but I do not recommend this. I ruined several tries by experimenting with both of these. The toilet paper burns very easily.
Make sure you come back tomorrow to see Part II of Let's Go TP!


Patti Chesky said...

Ohhh!!! This is way too cool!!! I'm gonna have to give this one a try. Thanks for the tutorial!!

Dee said...

This is wonderful...I will have to try it...looking forward to part 2..thanks for taking the time to show how to do it...Hugs, Dee 8^)

Michelle said...

This is intriguing....can't wait to see how it turns out!