January 10, 2008

Learning Curve

I think I told you about my complete surprise at Christmas? If I didn't you'll hear about it now. I got a Cricut! I was completely surprised because I hadn't even asked for one. But I knew when I did some research that I wanted the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cartridge, and because I'm impatient I wanted it NOW! Well NOW didn't happen. I looked everywhere I could think of - JoAnn's (didn't carry them here), Michael's, Walmart etc. Either they didn't carry them or they didn't have that particular cartridge in stock. So I ordered mine from All That Scraps. While it shipped quickly I was in agony over waiting for the USPS to bring it to my mailbox. Well guess what arrived today? You got it, my brand new cartridge.

While my Cricut has been unpacked and on my table for some time and while I painstakingly had to read the manual from start to finish on Christmas day I still wasn't brave enough to use it until I had the cartridge I wanted. So today I pulled it out and I learned some things along the way.

1. Stampin' Up!'s colored cardstock comes off of the cutting mat 10 times easier than Whisper White. The back of the Whisper White tends to pile and peel and I actually partially ruined a piece trying to reposition it. So don't press your white on as hard as you do the other colors. (I haven't tried dsp, so I don't know how this will work)

2. You have to be patient when removing your cut out images and one thing I am not is patient. I was able to remove all of my die cuts with the Cricut spatula that came in my box.

3. Remember to set your paper size if you are using a size smaller than 6" X 12". I already have nice groove lines in my mat from using a smaller piece. Good thing it came with 3 mats!

4. When you want a piece to mat a cut out on use the same size in a Shadow, don't up the dial 1/2". It doesn't look as cool.

5. Set your blade depth to 4 and it works perfectly with Stampin' Up! cardstock, both Whisper White and the rest of the colors. I tried 3 to start and it didn't really cut my bag deep enough to separate it from the rest of the piece of cardstock.

So if you have a Cricut, there are a few of my tips. But this gadget is really cool! I'd personally never spend the money on one myself (I'm cheap that way), but as a gift it was perfect. The Tags, Bags, Boxes and More is an Awesome cartridge. I can see hours of playing time and a million and one projects. It only took me about 5 minutes to cut my bag, take it off the mat, score and assemble it. This is going to be great for party favors for my kids!


ETA: I used the George and Basics Shapes cartridge for my hearts.


Tina said...

What a great project. Such a great Christmas present from a fella that pays attention!! Wow, I'm impressed. Have fun with it!!

Tom said...

I tried to order your "kit by mail"...but I could not bring up your web page! Maybe you already sold out!
Please let me know,Elizabeth Glass

SpAzzGiRL said...

I don't own a cricut, I am waaayyy too cheap too but the little bag is cute with the birdies!

My Paper World said...

Such a cute project!

Tara said...

this is so cute...how fun to have a new toy!! :)

Casino Software said...

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