November 18, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Evan!

Today my baby turns 2 and is no longer a baby. We are expecting guest anytime so this is just a quick post to show off one of the scallop Christmas Ornaments I made today. I have a lot more to make. We actually set up our tree yesterday. I haven't put one up in years because the boys would just knock it down. We now have to sort through everything and see what type of ornaments we have. A few years ago our cats sent the tree crashing down and lot of ornaments broke. We have a much larger tree so hopefully they won't do that again. However, to be on the safe side I figured paper ornaments will be the best.

Have a great day! We are off to celebrate.



My Paper World said...

LOVE this! Your scalloped ornament is so pretty!

Shannon McGann said...

Happy birthday to your son! Isn't it sad when they're not babies anymore? My little one is eighteen months, so I'm holding onto baby-dom as long as I can!

This is a really cute ornament. That's a great idea using paper ornaments so they don't get ruined! We've been using plastic for a few years now. My glass ones are safely tucked away until my munchkins are older! :)

emily said...

happy birthday evan! hey, please give the directions to the ornament...very cute!!
enjoy your day!

Tina said...

I am with you on the paper decorations for the Christmas tree.
The time with children flies by. My little on is 6, and it just seems like yesterday...ya know!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Evan! Don't you just love those ornaments?! So easy! BTW, Walmart has ball ornaments that are non-breakable! I had a problem with our animals too! ;)