August 23, 2007

Do I hear Thunder?

Today started out as a nice steamy 96 degree day and I think I saw on the Weather Channel that we hit a record high. Right now we are sitting in the nice confines of our paritally finished basement because the wind is whipping against the windows and Colin thinks a tornado is coming because he heard one mentioned on the television. There is a tornado spotted but it is about 35 miles north of us and we seem to be at the tip of the storms.

I started to stamp yesterday and I actually ended up ditching my first attempt at the SCS Sketch Challenge. I don't know if it was the colors I chose, but the layout just wasn't working for me. I was going to attempt to do it again this afternoon, but luck wasn't on my side.

We got home from picking up Colin at preschool and Evan was asleep so Colin and I headed out to try to get the lawn cut before our yard turned into a prairie. I did cut the lawn before we went on vacation but for some reason the 6 or so inches of rain mixed with sunshine while we were gone made the lawn go wild. Colin painted on the sidewalk with his crayola sidewalk paint and got more on himself than on the actual sidewalk. He told me that his glasses and watch were a "true work of art" to quote him. They were and it took me a while to wash them off as I gave him a bath. I did have a tragic lawnmower accident that Colin will probably tell everyone for the next few days. Apparently while we were gone a rabbit had a litter of bunnies in a nice size hole in our lawn that was well concealled. That is all of the details I will give, but after a lot of crying and Roger having to come home to help for a bit we are much calmer here. Although Colin did tell me that "Today is the day you killed the Easter bunny". I guess that is one holiday he won't believe in at the ripe age of 4 1/2. I have also sworn off cutting the lawn for a while and will let Roger take over.

I made this card yesterday and it follows Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge. Since I was gone all weekend I decided to try it out. I used some retired stamps that I have in my closet that belong to my sister-in-law. Since moving she doesn't seem to want them to move into her condo and said something about lack of space. I couldn't let the stamps feel neglected so I pulled them out. When she mounted her stamps she didn't include the name of the set on the side of all of the cases. I know I used Oriental Paintings and a Bamboo background stamp, but the name is missing on the case. I also used some Basic Gray paper I got from Wish RAK on SCS with Basic Gray, Basic Black, Shimmery White and Real Red. I also used some retired Black Organdy Ribbon and my metallic pencils. This was the first time I colored with these pencils and I obviously have to practice to get any type of technique down.

I'll leave you with a picture of the storms rolling in.


Kristine Reynolds said...

I love this card. It's beautiful!

Diane said...

Glad to hear you guys are OK. We had some of the same nasty weather yesterday in Itasca. Fortunately, the power wasn't out too long and no power surges so the computers are OK. We'll see what happens with the weather systems that are still coming in today and tomorrow.

I love the card but, honestly, I love the storm photo even more! Isn't it amazing how gorgeous Nature's fury can be?

Allison said...

This is lovely!

Heather P. said...

Wow, what an incredible photo!!

Great card... Love the mix of papers. :)

Linda McClain said...

Wow, what a dramatic picture. Hope you all survived the stoms okay.