July 26, 2007

We've been invaded!

We normally live in a relatively small quiet town except for 3 weeks every summer in late July and early August when all things start looking orange and blue. Signs are put up, resturants get crowded, tour buses drive in regularly and pigskins are flying. You'd think our town 50 miles south of Chicago might actually be part of the "burbs". That is when our town name changes from Bourbonnais, to Bearbonnais. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is Chicago Bears training camp season and the players are arriving in town tonight. I forgot how easily it is to drive across town in less than 5 minutes while taking Colin to his music class tonight. Instead I sat in traffic as fans packed into Olivet Nazarene University waiting to see their favorite players appear. Bears camp also means that the summer is almost over and school will be starting again pretty soon. I can't wait! Maybe that will put me back on schedule and I'll actually have a chance to stamp. Colin will be starting his 2nd year of preschool and will be going 5 half days a week. Evan will be old enough (in November) to start going to All By Myself for an hour a week if we choose and I might actually be able to get the grocery shopping done in peace.

Here are two cards I made at CHA. I apologize that I do not remember which booths I even made these at. If I was better organized I would have packed a pen and some paper along with my camera. Instead I forgot those sitting at home along with the diaper bag. Luckily, I had packed the diapers or we would have had bigger issues on our hands. The top card uses rub ons, and I have actually never used them before CHA. I know, I live in a cave. The chipboard piece was sanded before we used a doodling template to add our pattern and then simply added the ribbon and rub on. The 2nd card used some gorgeous patterned paper and we stamped the images using acrylic stamps. I was happy at how easy it is to center an image when you can actually see through the block. Otherwise I usually stamp first and then punch out my circles.

I am sorry I forgot to update yesterday. I typed up a post with the first card in it, and it save instead of publish. I must have been having a "mommy" moment when I did that. They do say that each child takes 20 points off your IQ, so I can blame it on my kids. Tomorrow I am going to go downstairs and stamp no matter what happens. I really want to try out the challenges for the 3rd anniversary of the Fan Club Gallery at SCS. If you aren't a Fan Club member, you are missing out on some gorgeous creations.



Flossie's Follies said...

Great card, love that background paper

Karen said...

Lovely as usual!

SpAzzGiRL said...

Gosh I made that second card too and can see their booth like it was yesterday and cannot remember what the name was....But I do remember that the paper is Chatterbox, I think that is what I liked most, so that detail stuck! lol