July 1, 2007

Retired Items for Sale

I have several retired items that I feel I can part with to make way for new items in my collection. The prices listed are 20% off the catalog price and are in good condition. Prices do not include shipping. If there is anything you are interested in please e-mail me at startstampin@comcast.net . Paypal is the preferred method of payment. All are closely trimmed and mounted unless otherwise specified.


Nice and Easy Notes $18
Paper Piecing Punch $10
Big Blossom (SAB 2007) $8
Warmest Regards $12

Updated: 7/16

1 comment:

Becky said...

Can I put a hold on the French script? I want to talk to Mike, but maybe when I send the money for catalogue, I can just send you the money for that and shipping. (Do you think that would be an easy $20 even?) Let me know what you think it would cost to ship it. Also, I wanted to know if I could get more coasters from you. Nothing right away, but the Jacob's Ladder was fun to make! :-)