July 24, 2007

The Phone Call

Yesterday I was busy unpacking from my long weekend away and my Stamp Camp when the most important phone call came through. I love to read and often I surf for books from the comfort of my home and have them delivered to my library for me to pick up. It saves me the time of dragging both of the boys to the "adult" side of the library because we all know that they are magnetically attracted to the kids corner and any detour from that route is a complete chaotic expedition. There is no sense trying to visit on the way out either because we all know I have to drag both of them out kicking and screaming. My kids love to read too, and while I love to read to them, there is some sort of satisfaction about reading a book without colorful pictures or rhyming words in every sentence. A few years ago I learned a very valuable trick. When a library is aquiring a book they put it into their library card catalog (at least online). When a book, say Harry Potter is released it is very difficult to be the first one to get it from the library, unless you go into the system and place a hold on it while the library is aquiring it. I have gotten the last two books either the day they were released or shortly after! Yesterday about 4 pm they called to inform me that my copy of Harry Potter was available to pick up. I read a little last night and then again today when both boys napped! I am half way done and the book is great. I can't put it down. I hope to have it finished in the next day or so, so until then my stamping time is a little chaotic.

Lucky for you I have all of my CHA projects to give you a closer look at. This was made at the Scrapbooking Adhesives booth if my memory serves me correctly. I have to say I LOVED the way they taught me to put on the ribbon and paper border around the Altoid sized tin. They used Photo Tape and you simply run it from the box onto the tin, use the built in teeth to cut it and then peel off the backing. If you happen to cut a bit more than you need you simply fold it back on itself and then adhere whatever you need to. It was so much easier than the red liner tape! Now I have a nice festive tin to store my Christmas pictures of the boys in. I think the entire project was adorable.



Flossie's Follies said...

This tin is adorable, enjoy Harry Potter I am still on book 6 so have a ways to go.

Jennifer Ofiana said...

This tin is so adorable!!

Kristine Reynolds said...

Love the tin! I just finished HP today! ENJOY!