July 15, 2007

A Long Needed Break!

I have been so very tired lately that my brain just doesn't feel like it can function properly, so today I decided to take a break. I barely checked my e-mail, didn't do any stamping and actually took a nap on the couch. I feel a little more rested, but I think an early and sorely needed bedtime is in store for tonight. I hope to be back to normal and stamping again tomorrow. So I am sorry for the lack of updates or projects these last few day.

I will leave you with an interesting new site I found though, for all you book readers. Dear Reader, will send you a 5 minute reading sample from books based on your reading preference. By the end of the week you will have read 2 - 3 chapters. If you like what you read then it's up to you to pick up the rest of the book. I am a HUGE reader, so I signed up as soon as I found it. I am very anxious for the release of Harry Potter and I hope I am first on the list at the library to get it. Janet Evanovich also has book number 13 out and as soon as my mom is done I know she'll pass it my way.

I hope you all had a relaxing and fun weekend heres to a great week! CHA is starting on Thursday and I can't wait to go. I will be attending on Friday and Saturday so I hope to get a bunch of great samples and new ideas.


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Karen said...

Thanks. I certainly don't have time to read! I'm off to check this out.