July 6, 2007

I've been tagged

Dawn at Stampin' Fun! tagged me the other day.

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7 Random Things about myself:

1. I grew up in the city of Chicago 3 houses away from a cemetary. Our favorite game to play among the graves was Ghost in the Graveyard.

2. When Poltergiest came out I was in grade school. I convinced my mom that would not be scared if she let me watch the movie. I spent the next few months sleeping with a rosary hoping that our house was not accidentally placed on any stray grave sites.

3. The year I started 6th grade my parents moved to Wheaton, IL and I attended public school for the first time. Until that point I had gone to a Presbyterian preschool, Lutheran Kindergarten and a Catholic Grade School. Chicago public schools leave a lot to be desired.

4. I started playing the clarinet in 3rd grade and played until I was in 12th grade. I was in symphonic band, concert band, pep band and marching band. I stopped playing in college when TMJ was at its worst and my jaw would pop painfully every few minutes.

5. In college I went on a foreign study program to the University of Sheffield, in Sheffield England. I was there for 6 months and spent a great deal of time travelling around Great Britain and Europe. I spent all of the money I had earned working up to this point to do so and it was a great experience.

6. I met my husband, 8 1/2 years ago, on the internet. We have been married for almost 6 years. It was a freak coincidence that we even met.

7. I taught high school for 6 years in two different schools before I became a Stay-at-home-Mom. I have my Master's Degree in Special Education and specialized in Learning Disibilities and Behavior Disorders.

8. I clean my house almost everyday. Colin has very bad allergies and to help combat them I vacuum every morning, wipe down bathroom and kitchen counters and make all of the beds. Every other day I dust all of the rooms and every 3rd day I wash all of my floors. If it saves us trips to the Pediatrician for strep tests and medicine it is worth the extra effort. I have my routine down to under an hour and sometimes under 30 minutes if the kids are cooperating.

I tag:

Ooops, I posted 8 random things about myself. Oh, well. This is one of my favorite tagging games because I love reading all of the answers everyone comes up with and I love the memories this game brings.

Have a great day! I'll have a card later today.


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