June 12, 2007

Watermarks on Cards

I get a lot of e-mails asking how I make my watermarks and how I get them onto the photographs of my cards. The process is quite simple if you know a little about photo editing software. I use a product by Corel called PaintShop Pro.

When my first son was born I belonged to a few parenting message boards and e-mail signatures were quite the rage, so in keeping up with all of the other stay-at-home-moms I got into digital graphics. It quickly became an addiction and it is a lot of fun. Until I became a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator I never knew I could be creative on real paper. Everything I had created for the last 4 years was digital and there is no messy desk or table because everything is on CD-ROMs or my computer.

Anyway, here is how I create my watermarks.

1) Open up a new raster image 300Width X 200 height.

2) Locate the font you want to use for your initials. A bold font is the best.

3) Make sure your foreground color is turned off and your background and fill layer is white.

4) Set the size of your font. I used Asphalt at 125 and created it as a vector layer to type out my initials.

5) Convert your Vector initials to a Raster layer.

6) I use EyeCandy 4000 to add an inner bevel to my initials, but you can do this by using tools within the program as well. Just go to Effects - 3D - Inner Bevel and play with the settings until you get a bevel you like. This makes the initials stand up a bit and not look so flat.

7) Add a Drop shadow by going to Effects - 3D - Drop Shadow. I like to use the following settings.

8) Lower the opacity of this layer to 60%

9) Choose the font for writing out your name. I prefer to use a nice script font, but any font is fine to use. I am using Bickham Script Fancy at size 48. When you are happy with it convert it to a raster layer.

10) Add an inner bevel as stated above as well as a drop shadow.

11) Use a font such as Arial to create the copyright information. You can make the copyright symbol by holding down Alt and typing 0169. On a laptop you may have to hold down the number key button as well. My number pad is embedded around j,k,l etc.

12) Save your image as a .psp file so that if you want to go back and make changes it is already saved in layers and you can simply hide or delete a layer to make changes at a later date.

13) To add the watermark to pictures I made a duplicate by hitting Ctrl + D. I then merge all of my layers and save it as a Picture tube. That way when I want to add it to my photograph I add a new raster layer, click on my picture tube and click on the picture where I'd like the watermark to be.

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