June 18, 2007

Blog Candy Time!

I promised that I'd get some blog candy up today. I can't believe how fast I got to 10,000 hits! So I want to thank my loyal readers.

Here is how you can win the blog candy . . . .

Make a card that uses one of the colors that is featured in the ribbon shown in the Blog Candy picture and post it here. You can link it to your blog or your SCS gallery. You have until noon on Thursday to leave your comment with your link to your card. At that point I will use Random.org to chose a winner. Comments without a link to a card will not be counted toward the blog candy.

The goodies include one new unmounted Delight in Life stamp set and 9 different types of ribbon. Have fun and good luck!



Becky said...

Very cool! Of course, when I win, I wouldn't need the stamp set, you could save it for another blog candy... but the ribbons would be awesome! LOL

I did just do a card that I love...


April Hall said...

I just did this card just the other day and it matches the light green ribbon almost perfectly!

Love the blog candy and I check your blog out daily in my blogroll!


Andrea Hays said...

http://craftsonawhim.com/node/65 I think I might have even used the same orange ribbon! I have to admit, I waited a little while because I didn't want to be first! I am strange I know! What wonderful treats you are giving away. Thank you for your generosity!

CAKVD said...

Hello! What a fun challenge! You are offering up some fabulous candy! Here is a Bella card that I made, inspired by your artichoke/olive ribbon.

Cheryl KVD

doverdi said...

What a great challenge. Here are two cards that I've made using the green ribbon...can you tell that I love the green. I think my ribbon is almost a perfect match to what yours is. Thanks for the chance to win some great goodies.


and another one


Michelle said...

Well, I love the ribbon! I decided to use orange and made this card!

Candisue said...

This is a card I posted last night made of Green. I just made it Sun night.


jodene said...

Thanks for the challenge!! I posted mine on SCS under 'adisneyfreak' gallery.
If you type that in it should take you there. Thanks again.

doverdi said...

I'm leaving you new links to my two cards. Since this is new to me uploading my cards on SCS, they changed the location where my cards are posted and put them in the appropriate galleries. Sorry about that. Here's the new links:


and here's the other one:


debbiedee said...

here is a card I just did a couple of days ago using the orange and green.

Well Said Cards said...

Wow! Great blog candy and great blog. I'm going to add you to my google reader. I love all your card designs. Check out my blog for a couple of cards using the Green in your photo.

maiahs_momma said...

I made a cute invitation card here using one of the colors of ribbon in your picture, here's my link and great blog/candy :)! You may have to scroll a little bit on my blog to get to it (sorry).


Kristine Reynolds said...

Cool! So I started out making an orange card to match that orange ribbon in the front but I started mixing in other colors...anyway, here's my card.


Cindy Vernon said...

Hello, I've justdiscovered your blog. I have linked to my blog which has a card made using the greens seen in your blog candy:

Peggy S said...

Fun contest!! I just started learning watercoloring--- a lot of fun. This card I made uses some of the greens!

Erin... said...
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