April 21, 2007

There is no time to stamp

when you have a sick child at home. Evan just turned 17 months old last week, and on Tuesday he was in to see his pediatrician because he was not sleeping well. Bedtime became riddled with bouts of yelling, screaming and all around fussiness. That was his way of telling us his ears were hurting. We are experiencing our first ever ear infection. He got a round of antibiotics, started sleeping through the night again and his low grade fever vanished.

That is until today. Yesterday we had a garage sale to get rid of bins overflowing with baby toys, clothes, and all of the other accessories that come with having young children. It was my last garage sale ever. Now I remember why I don't have garage sales. I don't really enjoy standing in my garage for endless hours watching a parade of people rummage through my leftovers. But my house is less cluttered and my garage is now a mess. Hopefully not for long.

Today I had the brilliant idea that I would turn my garden, which becomes more of a never ending weed bed by mid summer into a play area for the kids. I removed the fencing and the stakes that held it all together. Then I put down week barrier and 4 inches of a nice thick pine mulch. We moved the swing set over and now we have a more organized space for the kids to play in the backyard.

We had just finished putting in a days full of work and Roger and Colin went to pick up dinner. Evan and I were sitting inside when he wanted to climb into my lap. He was burning up. I stripped him down and took his temperature and was surprised to find it to be 104.9. Now we are no strangers to high temperatures. My kids get them like others get runny noses. What began to worry me was his very flushed appearance and his sudden lethargic behavior. What was just the kid running around playing was a flushed, glassy eyed and very sick looking baby.

I called Roger who turned the car around immediately to come home and pick us up. We got to the ER and Evan was a very ill looking boy. The ER was packed but thankfully he looked sick enough for them to take us immediately. It turns out the antibiotics he was on was doing nothing for his ear infection and not only was his ear more inflamed, but his throat had taken a turn for the worse too. So he got a dose of Motrin, Tylenol and some antibiotic shot. I can't remember the name of it for the life of me. They also got him more hydrated and his temp slowly came down. By the time we were leaving he was talking up a storm and playing games.

Needless to say we were there for a few hours and here we sit at home exhausted. I was hoping to get some stamping time in today, but that hasn't happened. If he seems well enough tomorrow I will take some time to myself. I just wanted to give a quick update.


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