April 9, 2007

It's Spring Break

You would think that Spring Break would mean warm weather and playing outside, but for some reason the weather has turned from the start of a humid spring to the throes of winter once again. Today was day 1 of Spring Break and what did the weather have in store for us? SNOW! Yep, that's right on April 9th we got some snow. My flowers are wilting and what looked like the beginning of tulips blooming is now a sagging mass of greenery in my flower beds.

The weather was not productive today and neither was my stamping. I started on a new project and I hoped to have it posted here for your viewing pleasure today. Did that happen? Sadly no. I made good progress but it just wasn't coming together like I wanted it too. I also made some lovely cards for a swap. I got them all packaged up and sent out, went to download the picture to find out that I hadn't photographed the card.

So instead I am just giving an update today. The best intentions of sharing a nice project have gone down the drain. But I did get good news today! I was surfing through some of my favorite blogging sites to find out I won a big basket of Blog Candy. I am so excited and it is from a wonderfully talented lady Beate Johns. You should check out her amazing cards and tutorials. She is amazing.

Here's to a more productive tomorrow!

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