February 3, 2007

In a perfect world . . .

I'd have a new project posted everyday and real life would be a piec e of cake. I don't know about where you live, but in the last week Illinois has turned into a frozen tundra as a Siberian cold front has moved across the North Pole, down through Canada and into the states. With that change in weather all I want to do is curl up on my sofa with a nice cup of hot cocoa, a great book and afghan and escape from reality.
My reality is that I have 2 young children, various activities we are involved in and I am in the middle of helping open a new Paint Shop Pro forum starting on Monday. Therefore my stamping has been few and far between and I really haven't accomplished very much in any area of my life.
But today is your lucky day! I have finished the outside of one of my mailboxes that I was supposed to be having a class on tomorrow. Instead I'll be attending a Superbowl party and hopefully WOWing people with my scrapbooking ways. *Note to self - don't schedule classes on Superbowl Sunday * I do have a class for the same mailboxes next Sunday so it is not a total waste of time. I didn't want the outside to be too complicated so I wrapped it with Regal Rose cardstock and a strip of Loves Me Double Sided Designer Paper. I used Sweet on You, Riveting and Like It A Latte stamp sets with Regal Rose and Pretty in Pink classic inks. To finish it off I used some Red Gingham, Ivory Grosgrain and Rose Grosgrain ribbons. I think it is cute and sweet. Now to only get started on the cards to stuff into it.
Today is going to be my lucky day too! *thing positive hehehehe* I entered a raffle to win a 50 inch flat screen LCD tv just in time for the Superbowl. It is part of the fundraiser I am attending tonight for my son's school. They only sold 100 tickets so I have a 1 in 100 chance of winning. Not bad at all!
Have a great weekend and may the Chicago Bears win the Superbowl!

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Saliber said...

Very cute!! I was going to complain if there wasn't something new up. :-P The mailboxes are adorable. I had been to target and just looked and they didn't have any. :-( That's ok.