January 22, 2007

Projects Galore!

I had a fabulous day today! I went to my upline's house and we were able to complete some of the projects that they did at Leadership! I got to try out Doodle This and Doodle That, as well as the 2 brand new punches. I also got to hold a

copy of the spring mini catalog in my own grubby hands! I think I know what I want to order on February 1st, but I am sure it will change as the day gets closer. I will share the projects that I completed today as the week goes on. I really have been on a roll!

This is the inside of my Envelope book. I did find out that the creator of this project is also a SCS member - texasjodylynn. I like to give credit where credit is due, so I want to thank her for a fabulous idea. If anyone needs dimensions please e-mail me.

I have 6 envelopes in my book and it seems to be the perfect amount. The envelopes have the flap folded to the back and it is glued to the envelope behind it. I then decorated a piece of cardstock and I plan on getting some pictures of my kids developed to carry along with me. I am notorious for not having pictures on hand.

I also got started on my mailboxes today! I got my pocket notes from Stampin' Up! and they are the perfect size to fit inside of them. I am still trying to figure out my final design, but I think I narrowed it down to one I like.

Until tomorrow . . .


Janine said...

Tag you're it!


Godchick said...

Very cute envelope box!